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  • A climate-friendly event

On the World Environment Day of 2007, the United Nations (UN) Secretary General, Mr Ban-Ki-moon stated that “Climate change is the defining challenge of our time.” Meeting this challenge means reducing the greenhouse gas emissions of all facets of human activity. By the end of 2009, five UN institutions had declared themselves carbon neutral or climate neutral, and six others had organized or initiated high-profile events or meetings which were entirely or partially climate neutral.     
The Regional Environmental Centre for Central Asia (CAREC), as a supporting entity to the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), (hereinafter referred to as “The Organizers”) for the Sixth MCED 2010, is striving towards achieving this goal by making the conference a climate-friendly event.  

  • Carbon Offsetting

Today, air flight has established itself as one of the world’s primary travel options for both business and leisure. The aviation industry alone is responsible for an average of 3-5% of the world’s annual total carbon dioxide emissions load. Air travel is expected to grow exponentially, and it will continue to be a growing concern and contributor to climate change.
Therefore, the Organizers would like to draw your attention to the potential of using carbon emissions offsets as one way to mitigate the impacts of your travel to attend the MCED. In a nutshell, it is the process in which your investment in what is called a ‘carbon offset’ will ideally result in an approximately equal amount of emissions reduced elsewhere. A payment made for the offset does this by supporting projects that promote, for example, low carbon energy use, energy efficiency, carbon sequestration via forestry and other similar actions. Therefore, in furtherance of this goal, the Organizers strongly encourage you to offset the emissions of your flight

Table A provides estimates of the carbon emissions of participants embarking to Astana, as well as estimates of the costs of offsetting which can be relatively low.   


Flight Travel
(From:# To: Astana, Kazakhstan)

travel distance – return trip (km)

Carbon emissions (Kg per person)

Estimated cost of carbon offset
(US$ per person)


Beijing, China



$4 to $23


Kabul, Afghanistan



$6 to $34


Suva, Fiji



$16 to $86


Bangkok, Thailand



$6 to $31


New Delhi, India



$3 to $16


Manila, Philippines



$7 to $38


Tashkent, Uzbekistan



$3 to $16

*Prices and costs for CEO can vary depending on the carbon service providers and projects proffered.  


Today, to better efficiency and provide a more fulfilling service, many airline companies offer carbon emissions offset services to passengers journeying with them. While making your booking or checking in, you may wish to enquire with your airline carrier about any offset services that they may provide and opt to offset the emissions accumulated on your flight travels.    
For your convenience and in no particular order, a list of carbon offset service providers along with information such as the offset rates charged; the countries in which the emissions offsetting programmes are operating; and the standards and accreditation in which their operations abide by, have been compiled to assist you in selecting the one best suited to your preferences. Further information is readily available on the World Wide Web and on their organization Web Pages as well.


Carbon Offset Provider


Project Types

Price / Per Metric ton (CO2)

Countries of Projects

Standards & Verifications

CarbonNeutral (Australia)


Carbon neutral tree planting



Greenhouse Gas Protocol; ISO 14064 Standards; Oil Mallee Code of Practice (Western Australia)

Carbon Footprint (United Kingdom)


Reforestation/ Renewable Energy/ Tree Planting/ Clean Development Mechanisms & Certified Emission Reduction

USD/GBP/EUR Generally           £7.50 — 12.25, depending on the project of choice

Africa/ South America/ United Kingdom/ Global CDMs

Voluntary Carbon Scheme (VCS); UK Govt's Quality Assurance Scheme (QAS); ISO 14001 Accredited for Environmental Management; Comm.Member of the British Standards institute (BSI) Lifecycle Assessment and Green House Gas Management Committee.

Atmosfair (Germany)


Biogas/ Renewable/ Energy Saving/ Irrigation/Green Power


India/ Nigeria/ Honduras/ Thailand/ China/ Sri Lanka/ Burkina Faso

Clean Development Mechanisms (Gold Standard CDMs); Joint Initiative of forum anders reisen & Germanwatch, supported by the German Federal Environment Agency

Carbon Advice Group Plc (United Kingdom)


Renewable Energy/ Clean Energy/ Reforestation/ Fuel Efficiency/ Methane from Biomass

GBP £7.50 — 12.25, depending on the project of choice

Honduras/ India/ Brazil/ Canada/ Indonesia/ China/ Nicaragua/ New Zealand

Voluntary Carbon Scheme (VCS); Certified Emissions Reduction certificates endorsed by Govt's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA, UK); Clean Development Mechanisms (Gold Standard CDMs); Verified Emissions Reductions (VER+)

myclimate (Switzerland)


Renewable Energy/ Biomass/ Biogas/ Energy Efficiency/ Methane Reductions

SFr 37.00

India/ Madagascar/ Columbia/ Peru/ Brazil/ Switzerland/ Ethiopia/ Eritrea/ Indonesia/ South Africa/ China/ New Zealand/ Cambodia/ Nepal/ Turkey

Clean Development Mechanisms (Gold Standard CDMs); Verified Emissions Reductions (VER); United Nations-accredited monitoring systems SGS, TÜV, DNV 

*Kindly Note: Astana, Kazakhstan, TSE (Formerly known as Aqmola, Tselinograd)

  • Legal Disclaimers

All contents herein (including all attachments, hyperlinks and discussions) in so much as to promote the awareness of carbon offsetting and climate friendliness, are provided solely for convenience and informational purposes only.
The Organizers with all intents and purposes are not affiliated to, connected to, or engaged in a commercial or any other form of relationship or transactional arrangement with the carbon offset service providers aforementioned and listed herein. 
Nothing contained herein constitutes a commitment whatsoever by the Organizers to advertise, market, promote, provide, recommend, solicit, subscribe for, or purchase any products or services proffered by the carbon offset service providers listed herein.
The Organizers will not assume nor be held responsible for any of the contents, products or services present on external sites linked to on any of the pages of this website.
For accounting, tax, legal, and business advice, you should consult your professional advisors.

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