Regulations on Escort (Attendance) Service


on Escort (Attendance) Service

Ministerial Conference on Environment, UNESCAP member-states (MCED-6)

September 27, 2010 – October 2, 2010


1.1. MCED-6 escort service is created in accordance with the National Secretariat Plan of Action (hereinafter — NS) to prepare and hold the VI Ministerial Conference on Environment and Development in UNESCAP countries (hereinafter — MCED-6).

1.2. Escort service volunteers are accredited personnel, recruited and supervised by NS, who commit themselves to providing their services during and in places of preparation and holding of MCED-6 Conference.


2.1. The key goal of MCED-6 Conference escort service is providing service and support to NS in preparation for the MCED-6 Conference at the highest level.

2.2. The escort corps creation should be carried out in view of modern forms of service, accentuated attention on expanding the quality and quantity of services, which is sure to contribute to a friendly approach to and opinion of the escort service as a whole.

2.3. Volunteers of the escort service should be chosen among citizens of different cities and regions of Kazakhstan, foreign countries, of various social backgrounds, which is to ensure open and transparent nature of the movement and enhance best qualities of volunteers themselves.


The aims of the escort service are, inter alia:

3.1  Provision of volunteer services during MCED-6 Conference.

3.2  Popularization of ideas of MCED-6 Conference, among the youth and younger generation in the first place, development and strengthening of friendship and cooperation among the countries of Asia and the Pacific region.

The goals of the escort service are, inter alia:

3.3   Assistance in organizing official events;

3.4   Attending delegations of foreign countries;

3.5   Providing official delegations, participants and guests with the necessary information;

3.6   Assisting the media representatives;

3.7  Providing interpreter/translator services;

3.8   Assisting in first-aid emergency centres.


4.1 Overall management and supervision of the MCED-6 escort service is carried out by NS.

4.2 The escort service is coordinated by NS.

4.3 NS define lists, quantity and qualifications of the escort service, as well as their working hours and the place of work during MCED-6.


5.1 Administration

The escort service is entrusted with various administrative tasks to ensure a coordinated work of all departments and divisions involved in MCED-6 Conference.  Their responsibility is checking and registering personnel in site of MCED-6 Conference, personnel management, delivering uniforms, paperwork, etc.

5.2 Ceremonies

The escort service is to assist in organizing and holding the MCED-6 Conference opening ceremony, airport transfer ceremony, etc.

5.3 Accreditation

The escort service is to assist in distributing information and handing out accreditation badges.

5.4 Attending officials

Escort service is to accompany officials, keep up communication with the administration.

5.5 Interpreter/translators

Escort service is to assist participants and officials in oral and written translation.

5.6 Accommodation service and tourism

Escort service is to assist participants and officials in addressing issues of accommodation and tourism.

5.7 Medical service

Escort service volunteers who have special medical qualifications, i.e. doctors, nurses, medical assistants, pharmacists, etc., are to assist in shift work at first-aid emergency centres.

5.9 Security

Escort service is to assist in access control.

5.10 Public relations, the media

Escort service is to assist journalists in prompt coverage of MCED-6 Conference events and other side events, and assist in the Head Press-centre, the media centres at all the events.

5.11 Organization of social and cultural events

Escort service is to assist in organizing and holding cultural public events (festivals, exhibitions, concerts, installations, etc.)


6.1. Recruitment of volunteers for the escort service finishes at 18:00 July 1, 2010;

6.2. Volunteers are recruited through filing a questionnaire of a set form to NS, see Annex 1  

6.3 The procedure of recruitment into the escort service includes:

— reviewing an applicant’s questionnaire;

— interviewing;

— defining the role of a candidate;

— approval of a candidate.


7.1. All the accredited personnel of the escort service must take special training courses.

7.2. Training seminars are held in time periods set by NS, and include the following courses:

7.2.1 «Environment and development. History and role»;

7.2.2 «History and culture of member states»;

7.2.3 «First aid and Emergency»;

7.2.4 «Ability to orientate yourself at the sites and time-line of MCED-6 Conference»;


8.1. Escort service has the right:

8.1.1 to receive information on MCED-6 Conference;

8.1.2 to defend their legal and private rights

8.2. Escort service must:

8.2.1 adhere to MCED-6 principles;

8.2.2 obey NS requirements;

8.2.3 not to make known information classified by NS as confidential;

8.2.4 observe undertaking obligations;

8.2.5 attend all training seminars and meetings;

8.2.6 work at sites and during the time-periods set by the organizing committee;

8.2.7 look presentable throughout the whole training period and during MCED-6;

8.2.8 keep the uniform clean and tidy, as well as properties and other equipment handed over by NS;

8.1.9 returnable equipment is to be handed over back in proper working state.


9.1. NS has the right:

9.1.1 to make amendments and addenda to the Regulations before the start of MCED-6;

9.1.2 to turn down an applicant from the escort service;

9.1.3 to set and alter a volunteer’s place of work and working hours;

9.1.4 to withhold any member of the personnel from the escort service due to improper performance;

9.1.5 incentivize and reward best volunteers;

9.2. NS take responsibility:

9.2.1 to provide each volunteer of the escort service with an accreditation ID granting unlimited access to places that have reference to their type of work at all the sites of MCED-6;

9.2.2 to provide escort service volunteers with free uniforms;

9.2.3 to provide escort service volunteers with free meals (twice a day) during their service;

9.2.4 to organize and ensure free transport for escort service volunteers to the sites of Conference events.