«Green areas – Web for Life in Central Asia»

(WWF Central Asian Program — EcoForum NGOs RK)

September 28, 2010, time: 17-00 — 19-00

Side Event will focus on the conservation and sustainable integrated ecosystem management, based on the principles of national and regional ecological networks (ECONET) as a part of a global ecological network, the creation of which was supported by Governments of the countries and civil society in Central Asia. This is important on a global scale and within the Asia-Pacific region. Econet maintain the long-term conservation of biological diversity, the environmental benefits and sustainable development of the regions that is specifically discussed in 2010, declared by the UN as a Year of Biodiversity.

The side Event «Green areas — Web for Life in Central Asia» is following the thematic scope of the parallel events MCED-6 «Sustainable Ecosystems» and is aimed at improving the understanding and management of the Green Growth concept. A comprehensive analysis was completed on the biological diversity, ecological regions and socio-economic development of the countries of Central Asia (the project of UNEP / GEF / WWF, with the participation and support of government authorized agencies of the Central Asia). It formed the basis of the concepts and for the schemes of Ecological Network (ECONET) — Web of life in Central Asia. Creating ECONET with the participation and support from government, private sector and civil society will promote eco-efficiency and environmental sustainability of economic growth in parallel with the preservation of undying values of wildlife.

Side Event will be held in a form of presentations followed by a discussion aimed at a multilateral dialogue with stakeholders to improve understanding and generate new and innovative ideas. The provision of information and visual materials is envisaged on the projects of the Central Asian program of the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) and EcoForum NGOs of the Republic of Kazakhstan, bringing together some 80 NGOs from different geographical regions. Responsible Reporters on behalf of the Central Asian program of WWF will be the Project Leader of WWF in RK Dr. Tatyana Bragina, on behalf of EcoForum NGOs RK — Chairman Svetlana Mogilyuk. Representatives of the civil society of the countries of Central Asia will be invited as partners of the presentation and side-event — via the Public Council of ISDC.

Side Event «Green areas – Web for Life in Central Asia» will cover the aspects of developing and implementing the models of ecological networks, the territorial nature protection, restoration of biological diversity. It would include the successful NGO projects promoting reforestation, environmental education,  culture of producing ecologically-clean products, the development of green cities, the introduction of a gentle sustainable land-use. Demonstrating of positive results of the projects will contribute to their further development and replication. Interested and concerned representatives of governmental and public organizations and individuals, NGOs, mass media will be invited to participate in the event.

Conducting the  side-Event «Green areas – Web for Life in Central Asia» will contribute to the development of the agenda of the Conference on green development, as well as conservation and management of transboundary ecosystems. ECONET concept and practical implementation of its models are the elements of the Global Ecosystem Assessment and practical implications of the impact on them, improving the implementation of political commitments on the territorial conservation for sustainable development and achieving the Millennium Development Goals. Also, discussion of the claimed subject may be useful in light of the development of a new operational phase of GEF-5 in 2010—2014. to identify new ideas and directions for their future continuous support.

Contacts for side-event:

BRAGINA, Tatyana: naurzum@mal.ru

MOGILYUK, Svetlana: msv_geo@rambler.ru

WWF Central-Asian Programme: PERELADOVA, Olga: opereladova@wwf.ru