The Sixth Ministerial Conference on Environment and Development

in Asia and the Pacific

Astana, Kazakhstan. 27 September– 2 October, 2010


By hosting an event, organizations engage a wide range of stakeholders present at the conference in discussions and debate around specific issues. The content, format and programme of the side event are developed by the convening organization (s). CAREC encourages conveners to collaborate with other organizations as co-conveners, thereby facilitating partnerships and allowing for a diversity of perspectives. Maximum – 6 – to be agreed.


An open side event at the MCED-6 can be either a lunchtime event (13:00 -14:00) or an evening event (17:00-18:00). Side Events take place every day during the week. The content, format and programme of the side events are developed by the convening organization (s). Side events are commonly used by conveners to launch projects or publications, debate and discuss particular related issues and present tools, initiatives or project results. All ideas are welcome. Side events run in parallel with side events, plenary, exhibition and other events.


Organizers are able to arrange their side event using various formats. These can include, but not confine to:

  • Standard presentations followed by discussion.
  • Open space sessions to maximize interaction between participants.
  • Roundtable group discussions.
  • Classroom style workshops.
  • Other formats determined by the organizers.

Side events will be published in the Programme for the MCED-6. Each event in the programme will have its own page on the website, enabling conveners to market the event leading up to the conference and to upload flyers, discussion papers and the outcomes from the event. Following the conference, results and recommendations from the event will be included in a variety of printed and online materials.


The application process for MCED-6 will open from 20 April 2010.

For organizations that have submitted proposals, the process will be:

  1. Proposals will be analyzed by ESCAP, MEP RK and CAREC when developing the programme (see below for rationale and concept of parallel events).
  2. Where appropriate, ESCAP, MEP RK and CAREC may suggest a merger between events that deal with similar topics or issues. Conveners of proposed mergers will be contacted by CAREC to discuss the suggestion.
  3. Conveners will be notified by 15 August 2010 of the decision regarding their proposal.

CAREC will determine the programme for the side events on Conference based on a review of the application forms submitted by all prospective conveners. Considerations include the following:

  • Whether the proposal fits within the thematic scope of the MCED-6.
  • Extent to which events focus on a relevant topic of debate and generate new and innovative ideas. Outputs from the events should aim to improve the understanding and management of Green Growth, i.e. eco-efficiency and environmental sustainability of economic growth, thus highlighting the involvement and support of all government agencies, the private sector and civil society.
  • Extent to which events facilitate multistakeholder dialogue and encourage open discussion involving stakeholders with potentially conflicting views.
  • Diversity of interests and organizational types in the programme, including research institutes, government agencies, non-government organizations, donors, academic institutions, stakeholder groups, business, consultants and others.
  • Contribution to the diversity of the overall open programme for the week in terms of topics, geographic regions, conveners, formats, target audiences and other aspects.


  1. Proposed side event should be directly related to the main themes of the Six Ministerial Conference on Environment and Development for Asia and Pacific and should reflect an approach to sustainable development that integrates its economic, social and environmental dimensions.
  2. Side event proposals could involve several organizing partners in order to ensure the participation of as many organizations as possible. Preference will be given to events that are organized jointly by non-governmental, governmental, and inter-governmental partners.
  3. Each side event organizer can be involved in no more than one side event at MCED-6.
  4. The Side Events Team will post on the web site of the MCED-6 a schedule of approved side events and will provide an update on a daily basis to be included in MCED-6 Today newsletter.
  5. Publicizing a side event is the responsibility of its organizers. The Side Events Team will not produce fliers, distribute notices, or run other publicity efforts for side events.
  6. Side events are open to all MCED-6 participants. Organizers of closed events or events aiming for an exclusive audience are advised to obtain alternative locations outside the MCED-6 conference rooms.
  7. Official meetings or other inter-governmental consultations have priority over side events. A scheduled side event may be cancelled at the last moment without prior notice if the conference room is needed to accommodate an urgent inter-governmental meeting.
  8. Side event organizers can request equipment and services for their event, including sound, projectors, and screens.
  9. Interpretation services are not available for side events and can be included in additional costs.
  10. The configuration of the rooms cannot be altered and the organizers are requested to remove all their materials after the conclusion of their activities as side events take place in the conference rooms where the official meetings of MCED-6 are conducted.
  11. Printed materials that are directly related to the agenda of MCED-6 may be distributed by organizers during a side event or at any other time by using the tables or other such facilities that will be available outside the conference rooms.
  12. Activities that involve food or beverages, such as receptions and cocktails, are allowed only in the designated areas and must be arranged directly with the National Secretariat Catering Services.


Organizations interested in organizing a side event at the MCED-6 must submit a request using the enclosed Side Event Request Form and attach a detailed description of the requested event, including all organizing partners, thematic focus, speakers/presenters and its potential contribution to MCED-6.

All completed and signed forms must be submitted to the National Secretariat before 31 July 2010 to the attention of the Side Events Team as follows:

1) send filled registration form by e-mail:,
2) or on-line registration