The Initiative Zhasyl Damu — GREEN BRIDGE proposed by the Government of Kazakhstan is focused on integrating the environmental processes of Asian and the Pacific and European regions. The Initiative is versatile and comprehensive, and its urgency and relevance cannot be settled in definite terms and framework.

The Initiative reflects the theme of the Seoul Conference Green Growth Economy and a focus of the forthcoming Pan-European Ministerial Conference – environmentally safe economic development.

Your organization can learn new development trends in nature saving technologies and services, strengthening the environmental safety of the region and improving the quality of the environment through participation in the work of the conferences, workshops, round tables and presentations of leading Kazakhstani and foreign organizations in the nature saving sector. This is sure to assist in exchanging experience and building up useful contacts.


• Sponsorship of progress in regional and international cooperation in environment protection and rational nature management;

• Demonstration and promotion of best practices in national and international nature management, services and technologies;

• Development of investment policy in nature management sector of economy;

• Participation in national ecopolicy making, development and implementation of efficient environmental measures;

• Raising public awareness in eco-culture and education.

The exhibition is targeted for both the specialists and the wide public. We believe that joint effort of the media, public authorities, professional associations, producers of equipment and providers of services and market players will make a considerable contribution to strengthening the environmental safety of our region.


• Ministers of Environmental Protection and Development of Asia-Pacific region

• Representatives of Ministries of Foreign Affairs of Asia-Pacific region

• International organizations

• Industrial enterprises

• Non-governmental organizations

• The media

• Scientific institutions

All the participants willing to take part in the exhibition at the VI Ministerial Conference on Environment and Development in Asia and the Pacific, Astana-2010 are kindly requested to register on-line or send a registration form (in .PDF-format) to regex@mced6.org