Format and structure of MCED-6

The format of MCED-6 is shown below.

Day 1

September, 27
Opening Session

Policy deliberations;

Possible Roundtable on WSSD organized by DESA (tbc)
Day 2

September, 28
Policy deliberations; Review of document drafts
Day 3

September, 29

Review and approval of document drafts
Day 4

September, 30
Day 5

October, 1

Ministerial Segment Ministerial statements

Roundtable on environment and development
Day 6

October, 2
Ministerial StatementsReports on outcomes of associated/ side events

Adoption of reports of Senior officials segment and Ministerial Segments

SIDE/ASSOCIATED EVENTS (schedule to be determined)

Intergovernmental track

Intergovernmental track: the main forum of MCED-6, comprises of a Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) and a Ministerial Segment.

SOM: Participants to the SOM will be senior officials and policy makers responsible for environment and natural resources, finance, economic planning and development. It is expected to discuss regional challenges and priorities for sustainable development, review progress made in implementing the decisions of MCED-5 and prepare the draft documents of MCED-6 decisions including the Astana Ministerial Declaration and the Regional Implementation Plan for consideration and adoption at the Ministerial Segment.

Ministerial Segment: Participants are ministers and ministerial rank officials from environment ministries as well as national development planning, finance and economic development ministries or commissions, in order to address various linkages between environment and development in a holistic way. The Ministerial Segment will be the main forum for the deliberation of national policies and efforts, articulation of regional priority and collaborative actions in relation to advancing sustainable development. This Segment will be designed to promote an interactive exchange of views between ministers as well as with other stakeholders through ministerial roundtable dialogues or high-level panel discussions. The major outcome of this Segment will be the adoption of the Astana Ministerial Declaration and the Regional Implementation Plan 2011—2015.

<strong>Format and structure of MCED-6</strong>

The format of MCED-6 is shown below.