Astana city

ASTANA: Capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan

1832 — Date of foundation
Before 1961 – City of Akmolinsk
1961 — 1992 – City of Tselinograd 
1993 — 1998 – City of Akmola
20.10.1997   After the edict by the President of RK the city of Akmola is declared Capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan
06.05.1998  Akmola is renamed by the decree of the President of RK into the city of Astana

Metropolitan Area of Astana, New Borders: 710.2 sq. km. 
Population: 600200 inhabitants. Astana is inhabited by the representatives of more than 100 nationalities.
Climate: sharply continental: moderately hot summer and long-lasting frosty winter.

Geographic position: 51010’ of North latitude and 710 30’ of East longitude.

Local time: Astana is in Time Zone 5. Local time in relation to the zero meridian is GMT +06.00

Population: the population of the city of Astana as of April 1, 2008, has reached 610679 inhabitants.

In year 2007 12371 newborns were registered in the capital, that is 2345 newborns more than in year 2006. For the period, the number of the deceased has made 3642 people, that is 82 people less than in the previous year. 

In the total population of the city of Astana people younger than labour force age (0-15 ) make 116.3 thousand people, the number of active working age people (16-63 ) makes 438.2 thousand, the number of people older than labour force age (63 and older) makes 48.2 thousand people. 

In year 2007, economically active population has made 314.7 thousand people.